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The Future of Dentistry Is Here

Welcome to Dental Artistry Implants - Crowns - Veneers your premier destination for transformative smile makeovers in Bend, Oregon.

Our full-service dental practice specializes in Full Mouth Rehabilitation and All On 4 Dental Implants (Teeth In A Day), featuring a fully digital in-house lab and the latest cutting-edge technology. Discover the pinnacle of dentistry with us

Specialize in full-mouth implants 


Our clinic has created a niche in offering advanced rehabilitation with our All On X approach, amongst other advanced treatments with dental implants.
With the experience of thousands of implant installations and reconstructive procedures, and many hundreds of patients that we have treated using All On X treatments, our results speak for themselves.
When you choose Dental Artistry Implants Crowns Veneers as your dentist in Bend, Oregon, you're choosing a trusted partner in your journey to optimal oral health. We are here to serve you. Schedule your appointment today and experience exceptional dental care in the heart of Central Oregon. Your healthy, beautiful smile starts with us.

Denture Artistry | Implants - Crowns - Veneers


1. Real Transformations, Real Results: Explore our Smile Gallery to witness authentic before-and-after images of our patients. See how our skilled dentists have enhanced smiles, corrected imperfections, and restored dental health. These real-life examples showcase the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our patients.

2. Video Testimonials: Hear Our Patients' Stories: Watch video testimonials from our patients and hear firsthand about their positive experiences at Denture Artistry Implants Crowns Veneers. These testimonials provide genuine insights into the compassionate care, advanced treatments, and exceptional results that set us apart as a leading dental practice in Bend. Discover how we have made a difference in the lives of our patients.

3. Before and After Image Gallery: Visual Evidence of Excellence: Our before-and-after image gallery offers visual evidence of our commitment to excellence. Whether it's cosmetic enhancements, restorative procedures, or dental implant, these images demonstrate the transformative power of dentistry. Witness the dramatic improvements and renewed smiles that have brought confidence and happiness to our patients.

Let us give you something to smile about!
Denture Artistry | Affordab Dentist in Bend Oregon

We take pride in offering a wide range of dental treatments, from essential general procedures to transformative cosmetic services, ensuring personalized and exceptional care for every patient.

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The expertise and compassion of our highly skilled dentists have resulted in numerous positive patient experiences. Our satisfied patients testify to the exceptional care they receive, emphasizing the trust they have in our dental professionals.

Dr. Alexander Smith | Denture Artistry | Best Dentist in Bend, Oregon | Dentist near me | Implants dentist

“My passion elevating dentistry to a new level grew from my love of art, Working with my hands and genuine care my patients. I realized how important it was for me to offer my patients a wide range Of therapies and educate them on the different modalities of available care. In doing this, my patients are better equipped to decide what treatment method would be best for their oral health and financial means.”

Dr. Thomas Spoonster | Denture Artistry | Best Dentist in Bend, Oregon

“My main focus will always be doing right by my patients. Simply put, I genuinely care about people and want to deliver a functional smile they love, so that they can achieve their goals. I am constantly driven to further my knowledge to stay on the cutting edge of patient care, so that I can provide this service in a way that is attainable for every person who walks through our door.”

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In need of a second opinion?
Feeling uncertain about your dental treatment plans is entirely natural, especially when faced with serious conditions or recommended procedures that raise questions.
At Dental Artistry Implants Crowns Veneers, we understand the importance of confidence and trust in your dental care. If you're unsure about your current treatment recommendations, have concerns about the necessity of a procedure, or simply seek a compassionate dentist who genuinely cares, we're here to offer a valuable second opinion.
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